Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Special Day

Sunday May 10 is Mother's Day - I want to take a minute and wish every "MOM" a special happy day, filled with joy and surrounded by loved ones and family. I selected a special poem for this day and wanted to share it with everyone....

What is a mother

A heart that can hear every unspoken need,
Wisdom to know when to quietly lead,
Hands that reach out, always helping and sharing–
A mother is caring!
Eyes that reflect every joy that you find,
Arms to encircle, but never to bind,
A talent for making the most out of living–
A mother is giving!
A voice that can soothe or inspire or delight,
A smile that keeps shining when things don't go right,
An angel God sends us from Heaven above–
A mother is nothing but caring, giving and love.

-Author Unknown

Happy Mother's Day!


Ghost said...

Beautiful poem. Hope you have the best Mother's Day ever.


Thank you - a special Mother's Day wish for you as well