Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Personal Indulgence

This was a treat "from me to me" - considering the mayhem that was happening here the last month, I felt I needed some sort of personal gratification. What way can I gratify myself, I thought...

1. Yarn, I dont need to add to my stash, I have plenty.
2. Hooks and needles, the same, I dont need to add to my collection.
3. Hmmmm... a new laptop? Yes, in the very near future.
4. Books, nope, I have enough to read at least one lifetime over.


I did treat myself to a new Singer Heav Duty sewing machine (HD110) and a new craft/kitchen scale, and I am so glad I did! I have been cleaning and kinda organizing my craft room, so I really havent sewn on my new machine yet, but it sure does look beautiful on my table! And my scale, well what can i say. Now when I have those small amounts of yarn and have no clue what the weight is, I can now weigh my yarn and I know! I can say this much, I had not realized how much "stuff" (or should I say junk) accumulates and so quickly! So these new treats served a dual purpose, filling my need for something to treat myself with and cleaning my craft room.

I ordered the scale from Knit Picks and only $24.95. I priced some similar scales and some were double that price. And my sewing machine was from HSN. Ok enough of my babbling - here are the pics.....

It is digital and weighs beautifully!

Isnt it beautiful?
I can hardly wait
to sew something
on this....


Ghost said...

Oh lucky you and since I no longer sew because I don't have a machine any longer I have to say that is a beauty. But that scale is something that is really useful. Did not even know they sold them.


I used to sew alot of clothes when my daughter was much much younger, but now I only use it for mending and my crafts (plushies). But I wanted something solid, since I sometimes sew through several thicknesses of fabric, this one promises to get that job done. The scale is essential I think for everyone who knits/crochets. I am very happy with both... :-)