Monday, June 8, 2009

Where Did The Time Go???

It doesnt surprise me that time is just flying by. Here we are midpoint of 2009 - it feels like yesterday I posted a Happy New Year wish. I have been so busy with personal issues, I havent had the time or motivation or energy to crochet anything. Family issues and personal. I am spread so thin these days I am totally exhausted to even pick up the crochet hook. I hope to have some new things real soon, as soon as things calm down a bit for me here at home.


Ghost said...

we must of been in the same boat. I am trying to catch up but not sure I will stay that way. i too am not very motivated these days.


I feel exactly the same - I am so tired I cannot find anything to motivate me these days. Hopefully it is a temporary funkiness and it will soon go away.