Saturday, August 30, 2008

Crochet Basket

My crocheting has been suffering a "creators block" - well for a couple of reasons. My tendonitis hit my right hand and wow, was it ever painful. I couldnt hold a crochet hook, so needless to say, my crocheting stopped. And my needle felting stopped as well. For a little bit anyway. I did my usual 2 day therapy with Aleve and it sure made a difference. So I think I am back on track again (hopefully).

So I decided to try crocheting again, and finished a crocheted basket for my daughter. The basket measures 12" across. I used 4-ply worsted weight yarn, doubled the yarn to make the basket and give it some substance. It was too flimsy with single strand of yarn. I will post the pattern as soon as I am done finalizing it. Tried two variations, one with a ribbon bow and one without. She liked the one with the ribbon bow. So here it is.


Zuleika said...

Love the basket you made. Really cute! :-)


Thank you =^.^=

Janet said...

This is the size and shape crochet basket I've been looking for - I'm a beginner crochet'er but would love to see the pattern when you have it ready.


Thank you - I did not write anything down as I was creating this. I will get my pattern worked out soon and post. It is a simple project, great for a beginner.

Agusiek said...

Great basket! :) Could I ask for the pattern too? Sth like that I have been looking for for days. I would be very grateful.
This is my email:
Thanks a lot!


Thank you, I am working on several patterns at the moment, that happens to be one of them. I will get it done soon, I promise!