Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Equal Time

Well since I posted a pic of Ziggy I feel its only fair to post a pic of my Hollywood - he is so spoiled now since the loss of my other two kitties. But I think he likes it lol. He is a Maine Coon, like a little puppy. I call him my watch cat - he knows someone is at the door even before the door bell rings. The only thing he doesnt do is bark, lol. I gave him a treat of some cat nip the other day, and OMG!! He was in a trance, nothing distracted him from his cat nip. Too funy!

Hollywood Chilling


Ghost said...

He is sooooooooooooo beautiful, if a male can be called that. gives me tugs at my heartstrings looking at him. So glad you gave him equal time. And Houdini loved his cat nip also and because he did not get it often he was alway fun to watch when he got it. He liked to roll in it and then eat it.


Thank you, I love him to death. You never quite get over the loss, I know I still think of My Baby and Midnite often and many times, something happens and it reminds me of them. I console myself saying they had a long a happy life, like Houdini.

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