Thursday, March 12, 2009

Yummy Strawberries

I am a little under the weather and havent had a chance to post. Last week was my daughters 30th birthday - we celebrated the whole week, which was fun. I made these chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate cupcakes with whipped cream and topped with fresh blackberries. To quote Homer Simpson... "MMMMMMMM Chocolate"...... The cupcakes were devoured before I could get a picture, but I was able to capture some of the strawberries! I will have to make those cupcakes again, they were small bite-sized pieces and so light and delicious (I cheated - I used a box cake mix for the cupcakes). All in all, it was a good week.


Rosy Mery said...

oi amiga, vim fazer uma visitinha e deixar um beijo para ti.

Rosy Mery

Ghost said...

A weeks celebration. What a great idea. Looks so yummy wish I could jump in the picture and devour all of them.


It was yummy - and all gone in a flash