Thursday, April 17, 2008

It's A Small World After All

I know I have a soft spot for Teddy Bears, and when one hears the word Teddy Bear, you visualize this big, soft cuddly creature. Now with that said, I will take you into the world of Miniatures - I am amazed at the talent and patience in creating these beautiful works of art, not limited to Teddy Bears of course. I did a mini Teddy Bear, all of 4 inches, and I was so proud of myself. But after seeing these creations, what I called mini, is taken to new heights. I sit and watch in amazement, just incredible. Just check out some of the photos, the work is unbelievable. Here are some of the links:

Tooth Fairy Miniatures - incredible miniature cakes. Check out her photostream in Flickr.

Miniature Crochet - This just blew me away. You have to see these to believe it.

Teddy Bears, Mini World - Again, leaves you breathless.

Bug Knits - Amazing details

Buttercup Miniatures - More amazing needlework.

I cannot pick a favorite - they are all in a league of their own. I'm sure there are alot more out there, but after spending several hours (and I am not kidding) and viewing these amazing works of art, I had to make mention of their talent. I take my hat off to all of these incredibly talented people (even if I dont wear hats.... =^.^= ).


Chantal said...

First of all a big thank you for the text you wrote about me ***Blush****
I added you rlink in my favorites bears artists


You are welcome - your work is absolutely incredible. I have mentioned your site to so many people. I love Teddy Bears, and yours are just beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog. :-)