Sunday, April 6, 2008

Dainty Doggie

I think I mentioned how frustrated I am trying to redo my patterns, so in an effort to de-stress myself, I was browsing through my knit and crochet magazines and saw this cute little doggie pattern. It was so adorable, I thought this would be an excellent "de-stress" project. It is small, it is quick, and it is cute. What a perfect combination.... What more could I ask for? =^.^= So, needless to say, here it is, my little "Dainty Doggie". The pattern included a little basket to carry your little doggie, but I nixed it. I may do the basket later. The Dainty Doggie was the fix I needed to get me out of the slump I was in. You can find the pattern in the Dec2006/Jan2007 issue of Crochet Today.

Side view of my little doggie.

Here is the issue I got the pattern from. So many crochet ideas in this issue. Ok I confess, my "to do" list just got bigger. What can I say, I am a sucker for patterns.


Anonymous said...

What a cute doggie! You do have such cute crochet goodness!


Thank you :-)