Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Amigurumi Bride and Groom

Here comes the bride, and we can't forget the groom, all dressed and ready for a beautiful wedding, with her little bridal bouquet. They were soooooo fun to create. Both were crocheted with Lion Brand Pound of Love - the grooms hat is constructed of felt.

The bride has to have a solo photograph.

We have to give equal time to the groom, so here is his solo shot.


rubeanababy said...

OH MY GOD, they are adorable!! I've been real busy at work and i haven't had a chance to look, but WOW im glad i did. They are so cute!!!!!!!!!! Great job! Your next assignment has be a larger Hello Kitty doll with detachable clothing. Just a thought. I LOVE IT!!!

Janie said...

I can't believe how cute they are. I found them through Google because I plan on doing bride and groom animals for my cousins wedding and wanted to sneek a peek at whats been done already. I have to make them myself because my Aunt wants me to! Now I look forward to my project. I may do owls or meerkats.