Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Homemade Twinkies

I was doing a search online for something and got sidetracked into something else - during my internet travels, I stumbled upon this cake/muffin pan - it was a Twinkie pan! OMG!! I love Twinkies and what could be better than homemade Twinkies? Not much, lol. So, I ordered the pan. My family has nicknamed me "gadget queen" because there isnt a gadget out there that I dont have - I had to live up to my title. With that said, I made some Twinkies and was it ever delicious. I used a Genois (spongecake) recipe and filled with sweetened whipped cream. I even took it one step further and wrapped each one individually with plastic wrap lol. Made for easier chilling and passing out to my family. Well here it is - my Homemade Twinkies. I have to say the pan was heavy duty and I was quite impressed. It came with a plastic decorating set - I just used my disposable cake decorating bag and a writing tip with a large opening to fill each Twinkie. Now I have to try chocolate genois with sweetened chocolate whipped cream..... yummmmm!!!!

Baked Twinkies- not filled yet

Twinkies filled and wrapped


alcatmom said...

OK, this I have to comment about! That is so totally freakin awesome! I can't imagine anything more delicious than homemade Twinkies. I never bake anymore but if I did I would have to make those.


It was absolutely delicious - I have plans for this pan lol. More twinkies to come. I will post the pics of the chocolate twinkies when I get them done. Yummers.... I am drooling lol