Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tutorial - Felting Needles


I recently started needle felting with wool roving and found it to be extremely rewarding creating miniature dogs, bears and other animals. I also found the felting needle quite useful in my amigurumi. I use the felting needle to incorporate felt pieces to my amigurumi. For example, if you want a little red felt tongue for an amigurumi dog, you can use the felting needle to weave that felt piece into your amigurumi. Here’s how:

1. Cut the felt piece the exact size you need.
2. Position felt piece.
3. Use felting needle to adhere by using fast poking strokes.

The end result is clean, no stitch or glue marks.

Here are some examples:

Felt Mouse Ears:
1. Cut the felt ears exact size.
2. Position ears on mouse.
3. With felting needle, use quick strokes to poke the felt into the crocheted mouse.
The ears are attached and has a clean finish.

Doggie Tongue:
1. Cut the felt tongue exact size.
2. Position tongue on dog just below the nose.
3. With felting needle, use quick strokes to poke the felt into the crocheted dog.
The tongue is attached and has a clean finish.

Bear Foot Pads:
1. Cut two pieces of felt to fit the bottom of the foot.
2. Position felt piece on bottom of foot,
3. With felting needle, use quick strokes to poke the felt into the bottom of foot.
The felt is attached to the bottom of the bear’s foot and has a clean finish.
Position the felt piece on the bottom of the foot. With the felting needle, poke the felt into the bottom of the foot around the edges only. Use caution – needle is very, very sharp.

Continue “poking” the needle through the felt into the foot along the edges.
Follow same procedure for the other foot.

Felted pads complete.

Rag Doll Nose – The felt piece here was cut in a triangle and “felted” onto the head utilizing the felting needle. The finish is clean with no stitch marks or glue residue.
Try incorporating other uses for this remarkable little tool. You can purchase this tool anywhere they sell needle felting supplies. I purchased mine from:

Do a search under “needle felting” and you can see the felting needles and other accessories. They also sell protective plastic tubes to store your needles in. It is a small investment to give your amigurumi that special finish.

Felting Needle
CAUTION: The felting needle is a super sharp barbed needle. Use with caution.
Felting Needle Tubes - Protective cases for your felting needles
Happy Crocheting (And Crafting)!!
I have this tutorial on PDF - if you would like, contact me and I will be more than happy to email you these instructions in PDF.



Anonymous said...

I like how neat and clean everything looks when you're finished but I have to wonder...would it hold up to rough play with kids?


Im not sure any amigurumi will withstand rough play with kids, lol, but I understand what you mean. I am not sure how "kid proof" this is - since I dont have any small kids to test it.

Carl@ said...

I would love to receive tutorial pdf.
Thank you very much
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