Monday, February 2, 2009

As Promised

I promised some new goodies, and here they are. I am trying to get some of my WIP's finished and off my "To Do" list. I will post all of them here, and come back with the patterns and pattern information. I will start with my Blossom Doll. The one I did for a Xmas gift was done so quickly, I didnt write the pattern down, so I had to try and re-work it. Here is Blossom.

I wanted to post my FO's - will post patterns and pattern information. Now that all my WIP's are done, I can start with a clean slate again... and that's a good thing. =^.^=

Blosson Doll
13" Tall

Pooh Bear
7" Tall

Little Twin Star
Each 5" Tall

My Melody
5" Tall

Love Bear
5" Sitting
6-1/2" Standing

Love Bear is Thread Jointed

Needle Felted Chihuahua, 2" long and 1-1/2" tall

Needle Felted Baby Dragon


Anonymous said...

What fun! I especially love the dragon but I've always been partial to dragons LOL!


Thank you - my daughter loves fairies and dragons, I did the dragon for her.

Ghost said...

These are all so sweet. I love the star ones and the doll at the top the bestest!


Thank you so much