Thursday, December 4, 2008

Needle Felted Goodies

My love for miniatures never cease, and since I started needle felting, this feeds my addiction. A few needle felted projects finished, for Xmas gifts. Although I am a cat person, I find dogs so fascinating, crocheted or needle felted. There are so many breeds and the detals when crocheted or felted turn out beautiful.
The Bulldog is for my niece - she has a Bulldog named Lucy. Of course I can never leave out bears - love bears of all kinds.

Bulldog Front

Terrier Front

Terrier Side

Panda Front

Panda Side


Anonymous said...

Dogs, cats, they are both great in their own way. We have had some great dogs in the past. But my heart also leans toward the cats. Your work on these items is truly an art.


Thank you, sore fingers, but really fun to make. I agree, I love all animals in general.

Anonymous said...

You've made some great stuff! Come check out my blog of crocheted things too. I love meeting fellow crocheters. I've never tried the needle felting although I love the dogs you've made.


Thank you, needle felting is so rewarding to see your creation come to life. And it isnt that difficult. Very addictive.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind comments! I've been thinking about learning to knit but haven't bought all the supplies to do so yet. I just inherited a bunch of yarn and a learn to knit book from my great grandma. Out of my entire family I'm the only one who loves yarn. Amigurumi is wonderful! I love being able to create something that fits my taste and not have to buy a book for it.