Sunday, July 20, 2008


My Clover Hook Set - Love it!!!

Well I finally did it - I made my own cases for all of my knitting needles and crochet hooks. I have been looking around for a while now, and the cases I saw were either too small to accomodate the amount of needles/hooks I have, or if it was big and roomy, just too costly. Lately I have been on a crochet kick, so I finally invested in the Clover Soft Touch hook set, which I just absolutely love! The steel/aluminum hooks I was using before were ok, but once you use these, you will never touch another steel hook again. I dont know about others, but my hand would cramp and ache when I would crochet - I would have to stop, rest my hand, fingers and wrist, and then start again (not an age thing, hehehe). I dont have that problem with these hooks. For any of you crocheters out there, it is a small investment for comfort. I bought the entire set with the carrying case and I must say this is the best craft investment I have done.

The Clover Hook Set is available at
The price was great, since these hooks average $6.00 each, and about $12.00 for the case.

Since I made myself the crochet hook case, I didnt stop there, no sir... I went ahead and made cases for my DPN's, knitting needles and all of my accessories. And if you are like me, you must have a gazillion hooks and needles. With this another good thing happened - not only are my needles and hooks organized, the clutter is off my work table, which is always a good thing. I wont bore you with pics of all of my cases, just a couple. I made my cases with Flannel, used ribbon for the ties, and since I made these, I sized the sections so it will hold all of my needles and/or hooks. I am a happy crafter now =^.^=

Clover Hooks - Case closed

My case - For my DPN's
Case Closed

My DPN's -
All in a neat row
Case Open

My Hook Case - Closed

My Hook Case all organized,
with room for more